Luis García Orbaneja

ESL/EFL Primary Teacher based in Asturias

This is me

Hi! My name is Luis, and I'm an ESL/EFL teacher living in Asturias, Spain. Currently working at Consejería de Educación y Cultura de Asturias. Sometimes I take photos. From time to time I tweet.

This is home

I’m an avid user of technology, which I have long been trying to implement in my teaching practice and in all the projects I’ve been involved in. In my current job I try to find the way to get a functional and connected workplace.

I have worn many hats over the years: teacher, principal, teacher trainer, developer, webmaster. I even coded.

When I’m not dealing with ICT issues, I spend time reading, watching movies, traveling and religiously following the latest news from the tech industry (you can call me geek).

Get in touch

Email is the easiest way to get in touch, but I'm also on Twitter and Instagram if that's more your thing.